Today is #WorldConservationDay – so we’re featuring some of the lesser known birds that live and breed on South Georgia, and one of their protectors, the biosecurity dog Sammy!

With its harsh climate and lack of shelter, South Georgia is a challenging place for birds to live and breed, and so making sure they are protected from invasive species is very important. Following the successful rodent eradication by SGHT and FOSGI, we now support the GSGSSI Biosecurity Dog Programme which is just one of the important measures in place to help prevent invasive species reaching, or reinvading, an island which is one of the most important seabird breeding sites in the world.

With thanks to Larry Kudryk for the bird images.
1) Snow Petrel
2) South Georgia Shag
3) Sammy the biosecurity dog
4) Kelp Gull
5) Snowy Sheathbill